Security Systems to Protect Your Greenville Family and Business

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Greenville, South Carolina is a great place to live with all the nature it has to offer and friendly residents. While the vast majority of the people who live in the Greenville area are good law-abiding people, there are also those few individuals who are not.

Unfortunately, in Greenville, there are an estimated 2,959 reported property crimes a year. That means that the chances of being a victim of a property crime are 1 in 23.

Protect Your Family and Property

Protecting your family and property is a priority. A security system is an excellent way to protect your loved ones and belongings. ProTec Security Systems has alarm systems to fit your wants and needs for your home or business.

Wireless Alarm Systems

We can install a wireless alarm system in any home or business. Additionally, we use a reliable cellular communication system, with no required landline. If a burglar cuts the phone or cable line, the security system still works.

Monitoring Service

ProTec offers 24-hour monitoring. Located in Greenville, SC, the alarm monitoring center is local.

Smartphone Access

With our smartphone app, you can check on your home or business remotely. Using this app will enable you to view your property anytime.

Servicing the System

With registered technicians on-call 24/7, anytime your system needs servicing, call us.

The Cost of an Alarm System

ProTec has plans to fit any budget. Our plans start at only $99 and include:

  • Keypad
  • Three (3) door sensors
  • In-home motion detector

This system includes all the needed essentials to stay safe. Since our systems are expandable and customizable, you can add more features in the future.

In addition to security systems, ProTec also has:

These products offer even more peace of mind.

Get a free security system quote and receive a $20 Lowe’s gift card.

Contact ProTec Security Systems for all your security system needs for your home or business by calling 1-800-942-3141 or visit us online.