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Active Protection. Instant Awareness. Smarter Security.

Peace of Mind for You and the Ones Who Love You Most!

Protect yourself and those you love most with the LifeGard Personal Emergency System. This easy-to-use, yet high-tech system is the ideal solution for people with medical problems. LifeGard will allow you to remain independent – without fear – knowing that help is just the push of a button away.

Affordable and on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, LifeGard will help protect you and yours. ProTec Services will provide an immediate response in case of a medical emergency. And for added value and reassurance, the system is equipped with a two-way voice module.

No Installation Cost

Your two-way communication device and panic button are free with service.

No Long-Term Contracts

Our month-to-month contract allows you to change your service at any time.

Only $30 Per Month

Never any additional cost, we will install, monitor and provide a lifetime warranty on equipment and batteries.

Select Waterproof Necklace or Wristband

We will notify EMS and your designated emergency contacts with the push of a button.

Help is Safely Within Reach

LifeGard includes a waterproof, portable panic button that you can wear or carry with you in and around your home throughout the day and into the night. With LifeGard, you can summon help immediately in the event of a home emergency.

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Establish Vital Communication

The LifeGard System establishes instant, two-way communication during an alarm. You’ll be able to talk directly to our UL certified Central Monitoring Station which will dispatch authorities and communicate with emergency personnel that are en route.

LifeGard Features:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Includes a wireless panic button for summoning help from anywhere in the home
  • Developed by the world’s leading brand of wireless security systems
  • Select a waterproof necklace or wrist band
  • Door decals available to notify EMS of medicine location

Who Can Use LifeGard?

  • Anyone who requires some medical supervision but not full-time attention
  • Patients recovering at home after a hospital stay
  • Nursing home patients who are independent, but still need some assistance
  • People with disabilities

This decal can be placed on the front door notifying responding authorities there are medical and medication information taped to refrigerator door. In case the person is non responsive, doctor’s name, allergic reactions, current medication and medical history are noted.

Is It Time for a Medical Alarm?

$50 off for referring a friend or neighbor

When they sign a monitoring agreement