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Active Protection. Instant Awareness. Smarter Security.

Affordable Monitored Home Security Systems

Home alarm systems and video monitoring are one of the best ways to keep your family and pets safe from harm. We design custom systems to fit your home that won’t break the bank. The tools we use instantly detect unauthorized entry, in-home motion, rising and falling temperatures, and carbon monoxide. The moment we notice anything unusual, we start dispatch procedures – notifying you and the appropriate authorities.

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Monitored Home Security Systems Products & Options

Depending on the layout of your home, we can help you pick and choose which sensors and alarms will make your home a safer place to live.

Smart Touch Keypad

A touchscreen keypad near a main entry point in your home to let you control your settings.

Go! Control Keypad

Set voice control commands to turn your system on & off even when your hands are occupied.

Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Place in any room in your home to detect unexpected movement when you’re away.

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

Know instantly when you have carbon monoxide in your home so you can take action.

Panic Button

Placed in different rooms, these let you notify the authorities immediately of unexpected danger.


HD Security Camera

See exactly what’s going on in your home 24/7, and help bring criminals to justice.

Angled Image Sensor

Capture electronic signals of optical images and get notified of anything out of the ordinary.

Thin Door/Window Contact

Thin, virtually invisible motion sensor that sets off an alarm when opened without authorization.

Glass Break Detector

Thieves don’t always come in through the front door. Special technology gets those that try to by-pass traditional alarm systems.

Key Ring Remote

Allows you to arm/disarm your system while entering or exiting your home. Can also be used as a panic button within the proximity of your home.


Recessed Door Sensor

Put a door sensor inside a room for more security against break-ins and theft protection.

Wireless Keypad

Place anywhere in your home to activate and deactivate different monitors and alarms.

Worry-Free Detection

ProTec’s advanced electronic smoke and heat detection sensors provide early detection and sound the alarm, waking those asleep and others to exit the home to safety. A monitored home security system will automatically notify the authorities giving vital time to get to the scene when every second counts.

Video Monitoring

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually see what’s happening at your property while you’re away? video allows you to do just that. It even offers options for outdoor and night-vision cameras to monitor what goes on in your yard, driveway or outside your door, all available for viewing on your compatible phone or mobile device.

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