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Active Protection. Instant Awareness. Smarter Security.

Wireless home security systems offer a clean and smart solution for making your home a safer place to live.

Our wireless technology keeps you in touch with the people and places that matter to you and can be easily adapted as your needs change and your family grows.

If you are concerned about the security of your home, here are four reasons to consider a wireless home security system:


Less Vulnerable, More Secure

Real-time alerts from your home are made through a fast, reliable, and secure cellular connection, eliminating many of the vulnerabilities of other home security systems. It also makes them less susceptible to damage from a lightning surge via the phone/cable lines. Many current systems use exposed phone and cable lines that can be cut from the outside making them useless.

When you lose power to your home, phone service, or internet service the security system within a wired home becomes vulnerable. Our wireless home security systems use a dedicated cellular connection that is secure. You will get alerts even if you lose power, your phone line is cut, or your internet goes down.


Faster Installation and Support

Whether you’re adding a new wireless home security system or replacing an existing one, our highly trained and experienced staff will make it easy for you to get the help you need by:

  • identifying your wireless security system needs
  • configuring the best wireless solution
  • quickly installing your system

We have a large selection of wireless sensors, security panels, and other devices that are:

  • designed to match your decor
  • easily installed
  • maintained “over-the-air” from the customer support center and in most cases not requiring a visit from a technician

Adaptable and Expandable

Wireless home security system sensors are easily added or moved to monitor anything within your home using real-time alerts to let you know what is going on at your house around the clock.

Our wireless technology adapts to the growth and change within your family. You can add a nursery camera when there is a child on the way. As they grow, you can then add extra sensors to cabinets, refrigerators, or other safety concern areas. When you are away, you can use a smart lock to allow a pet sitter to enter the residence, adjust a thermostat, and be notified if your home gets too hot or cold. You can also turn on/off lights and be notified when someone pulls into your driveway or rings your door bell.

Whenever your needs change, your wireless home security system can change too.


Smart Choice, Smart Home

Wireless Home Security Systems offer a wide variety of smart safety features including:

  • HD video cameras
  • smart thermostats that save you money
  • automated locks to control home access
  • garage door control and monitoring
  • smoke/heat detectors for advanced notification
  • carbon monoxide detector for gas leaks
  • water detectors for unseen plumbing leaks
  • control them all through a single app

As wireless security system technology grows, we will continue to grow with it to ensure that your system is updated to the latest wireless security developments in the Smart Home industry.

Have a secure home while staying connected to it from wherever you are!

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