Meter-based whole house surge protection.

Your Cooperative Provides the only Meter-based Whole House Surge Protection.

Many of the appliances and electronic equipment you use everyday can be severely damaged by even the slightest surge in electricity. That’s because the design in items like washing machines, stereos and desktop computers is very sensitive to any change in electric currents.

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Whole House Surge Protection

External and Internal Surge Protection

Laurens Electric already has lightning and surge protection built into its system of power lines. However, with meter based surge suppressors, hardwire surge suppressors, and secondary surge protectors, ProTec Surge Protection is an added measure you can choose to ensure your electrical equipment is as safe as possible.

Primary External Surge Protection

Meter-Treater meter based external surge suppressors are designed to reduce externally generated surges before entering the house through the power line.

Secondary Internal Surge Protection

Outlet Protectors reduce surges generated inside the house or other stray surges such as air conditioners cycling on and off - outlet protectors are highly recommended on all electronic devices.