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Active Protection. Instant Awareness. Smarter Security.

Affordable, Monitored Commercial Security Systems

We don’t waste your time with sub-par equipment and monitored commercial security systems that are easily bypassed by smart criminals. Our systems provide total building security to help you stop external and employee theft in its tracks. This is combined with affordable wireless and hardwired security systems that require little to no maintenance.

Access Control

ProTec’s easy-to-use interface gives you the security you need by limiting specific door access, providing methods to locate employees, preventing employee theft and creating a photo badge for easy and cost effective employee identification.

Identification Photos/Badges

Control Panels and Accessories

E-keys, Locking Devices/Readers

Closed Circuit TV and NVR Surveillance

People behave differently when they know they’re on camera. If your cameras are less obvious, you’ve got a better chance of catching the crime in action. ProTec’s state-of-the-art surveillance products will provide you with the tools you need to have greater control over all facets of your business. ProTec Services will customize your CCTV system to meet your needs.

Wireless and Hardwired Security

We focus on location security, making sure all your on-premesis assets stay safe, whether you’re out of the country for two weeks or out of the office for the night. With ProTec, you have the ability to arm and disarm select alarms and monitor your installed cameras from any authorized device with an internet connection.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems can help you limit loss of life and property. Our systems meet or exceed UL and NFPA codes and standards. With an early detection/automatic fire department notification system from ProTec, you can help safeguard your business around the clock. ProTec offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products and services with 24 hour local monitoring.

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