3 Reasons Wireless Home Security Systems Have The Edge Over Wired Systems

cartoon of man leaving home and activating home security system

When it comes to reliability, wired home security systems take home the prize. However, to ensure safety, we need more than just reliability. The need for remote communication and monitoring has made wireless home security systems the most convenient form of security and for good reasons. With enhanced remote access and easily integrated systems, it is easy to monitor your home remotely and get alerts on your smartphone. By being easy to install, wireless home security systems provide a more streamlined approach to security and many more benefits.


Unlike the traditional wired security systems that cost more because of the connections and material used, wireless come at a low price. A standard wireless system kit can go for as little as $130, and the best part is that you do not need to pay anyone to fix it for you. With the designs and nature of the systems, you can easily install the whole security system where you need surveillance most.

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike wired security systems that need monthly monitoring and maintenance, wireless security systems do not require costly monthly maintenance. Most of the wireless security services today come with cutting edge tech that allows homeowners to program the systems to contact various phone numbers in case of an emergency, hence eliminating the need for monthly maintenance. You can program the system to contact as many numbers as you can if it cannot reach one.

No power, no problem

Maybe the best feature of a wireless security system is that your safety does not get compromised even when the power goes off. Wireless systems come with their battery systems, unlike wired security systems that depend on a direct power source. Sensors and surveillance continue working unaffected, hence guaranteeing your safety.Contact us today to

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