Wishing You A Safe and Happy Holidays

family celebrating the holidays together

Families start planning seasonal meals, holiday light displays, and visiting relatives around the fireplace as the holidays approach. It’s also time to make sure your home is prepared for emergencies, so your friends and relatives can celebrate in safety.

Common Causes, Common-Sense Solutions

Now that we’re getting back to normal and have something to celebrate, we might want to jump back into celebrating and forget that it’s been a while since we unpacked all our holiday equipment. Some tips to make the holidays enjoyable and safe include remembering that lights, deep-fryers, and heaters are some of the most common causes of electrical fires.

  1. Check all outdoor and indoor lights for frayed cords and broken bulbs before installation.
  2. Clean space heaters before use, and position them away from flammable objects before turning them on.
  3. Never leave stoves unattended, especially gas, propane, or electric stoves.
  4. If deep-frying your turkey, read the instructions carefully regarding thawing and temperature settings.
  5. Do not put out a grease fire with water.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

The National Fire Protection Association recommends replacing the batteries in your in-home smoke detectors every six months. A handy reminder is to change the batteries the same day you have to change your clocks forward or back.

If you have a smart home system, your fire alarm may be connected to your security system. If not, it’s not a bad idea to get one. A comprehensive alarm system will monitor your home for smoke and deadly carbon monoxide, and the monitoring company will notify the fire department if necessary.

Whether you’re planning on having extra relatives and friends for the holidays, or just your own family for a happy private season, there is plenty of time to reach out to ProTec Security Systems and make your holidays merry and safe for all. Contact us today.