Why You Should Consider Buying A Monitored Security System

a burglar in black clothing trying to break into a home with a crowbar

Unmonitored home security systems are a dime a dozen. In fact, you can find a variety of these systems for cheap and from recognizable, big-name brands. Affordable and easy to install, they offer a simple, set-it-and-forget solution for homeowners who want the illusion of security. However, when it comes to reliably protecting your loved ones, your assets, and your sentimental items, you need a level of protection that only a monitored system can provide. At ProTec, we produce a top-class monitored home security system that provides elite protection for our customers.

Third-Party Support When You Need It Most

The primary difference between a monitored and unmonitored security system lies in who responds to problems. With a monitored system, you’ll have around-the-clock, third-party support to identify and mitigate issues. If someone attempts to break into your home or if your gas-fired appliances start back-drafting carbon monoxide, your security team will respond right away. When necessary, they’ll even contact emergency first responders on your behalf.

Comparatively, no such support is provided by an unmonitored system. You’ll get audible alerts when issues are detected, and you’re at home, and if your unmonitored security system is smartphone compatible, you’ll get audio and visual alerts while you’re away. Sadly, if these alerts arrive while you’re in an important meeting, on an airplane, or in any area that lacks a reliable and consistent Internet connection, you could miss out before it’s too late to take action.

Unmonitored Systems Aren’t Always Easy

The major appeal of unmonitored systems is their ultra-low cost. Unfortunately, this cost isn’t what it initially seems. Although you can conceivably install an unmonitored system on your own, the complexities of window and door contacts, smartphone integration, glass break sensors, and motion sensors often necessitate a little outside help. At ProTec, our monitored security systems come at an affordable price point and include hassle-free installation and all of the support you need to leverage our technologies effectively.

A Positive Impact on Your Risk Profile

Home insurance companies recognize the difference between monitored and unmonitored security. Although unmonitored home security systems do provide a limited range of benefits, they rarely have a noticeable impact on consumers’ risk profiles. As a result, they don’t lead to major decreases in home insurance costs.

With multi-pronged and fully integrated home security systems that are monitored by reputable professionals like ProTec, many consumers see dramatic differences in their home insurance premiums. Our monitored home security technologies account for the same risk factors that insurance companies analyze when setting their rates. Thus, they reliably reduce the risk of property damage, property loss, bodily injury, and more.

An Integrated, All-in-One Solution

If you’re lucky, an unmonitored home security system will alert you of ill-intentioned visitors on your property and in sufficient time for you to do something about it. ProTec’s Monitored Home Security System will identify break-in attempts, alert you, and alert the appropriate first responders. Moreover, our monitored security plans account for risk factors and other household concerns that cheap, unmonitored systems do not. They include:

  • Energy management solutions
  • Remote door access
  • Wireless carbon monoxide detection
  • Strategically placed panic buttons
  • HD security cameras

Although unmonitored systems are prized for their impressively low upfront costs, having one of these systems installed won’t always give you the best protection. At ProTec, we pride ourselves on delivering safety for our clients. With the support we provide, you can rest assured that your home and your loved ones are always protected from both the seen and unseen. To find out more, get in touch with ProTec today!