Why You Need a Home Security System for Your New Greenville Home

Greenville family entering into new home watching little girl run through house

Congratulations on buying your home in Greenville. The process of purchasing and moving into a new home is exciting and involves a lot of decision making. Like many new homeowners, you’re probably looking forward to things like decorating your home, beautifying your yard, and entertaining your family and friends. However, before you get to those things, we encourage you to make safety and security the first priority in your new home.

Protect Your Family and Investment From Fire

In 2018, Greenville County experienced four incidents in which families tragically lost loved ones to fire. Thankfully, ProTec’s security systems provide early detection of heat and smoke to awaken your family in time to escape a fire and their fire detection service notifies the authorities. Your home is likely the biggest purchase you’ve ever made. Protecting that investment from fire damage is a smart move.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Does your new home have gas appliances or an attached garage? If so, you’re at a higher risk for carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide is a potentially fatal gas that you can’t see or smell. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thousands of people become ill from carbon monoxide poisoning every year. Fortunately, ProTec’s carbon monoxide detectors can be hardwired on wirelessly connected to your alarm system to warn you and your family and to notify the authorities.

Deter Burglaries

You’ve probably purchased lots of new things to fill your new home. Unfortunately, burglars are aware of which houses have new occupants with new stuff too. The Greenville Police Department reported there were 321 residential burglaries in 2017. ProTec can help you select the home security system options that will best fit your needs.

Local Monitoring

ProTec Security Systems provides local monitoring from Greenville, SC. We’ve been serving our Greenville neighbors since 1994. We look forward to helping you secure your new home. Contact us today.

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