Use Landscaping To Discourage Crime

an image of a well-landscaped brick home with bushes and trees in front of the home

Many people use their landscaping to add visual curbside appeal to their homes; however, good landscaping can also protect your house from unwanted visitors. Your landscaping can be a valuable asset to your home security. By carefully choosing the right plants, trees, and lighting, you can create a more secure environment that discourages burglars and other criminals.

Minimize Hiding Spaces

Messy, jungle-like landscapes can be very appealing to burglars. They can create lots of hiding spaces for unwanted visitors, and untrimmed bushes and trees can hinder the visibility of neighbors or passersby if a break-in occurs. To avoid this, you should regularly trim your shrubbery near windows and entranceways. Trimming and maintaining your landscape will help make your home less appealing to burglars, and a well-kept exterior shows that you pay attention to the outside of your house, making burglars less likely to mess with your property.

A Line of Defense

Landscaping can also be used as a protective barrier for your home. You can use thorny bushes and shrubbery as a fence. Bush fences can add visual appeal to your property but also prevent unwanted visitors from entering your property. Thorny bushes are great when placed right under windows around the house. This makes it harder for burglars to even get near your home’s access points.

Good Lighting

Lighting your landscape well will also enhance the security of your home. Adding lamposts, outdoor spotlights, and other outdoor lights will ensure your landscape isn’t dark and full of hiding places, making it harder for burglars to attempt breaking into your home. Pairing good outdoor lighting with several security cameras makes your home the safest. This combination lets you capture well-lit footage of anyone approaching your home.

Even though these landscaping tips can act as a great deterrent, one of the best ways to enhance your security is through a home security system with high-quality sensors and cameras. ProTec provides state-of-the-art protection with 24/7 monitored security. To learn more about our monitored home security system, contact us today.