Upgrade Your Security System Yourself

man on ladder installing security equipment

Are you looking for an effective and efficient DIY security system to protect your loved ones and property? Do you want to terminate the analog, expensive and hardwired security contracts with your service providers? If the checkbox ticks right, a DIY security system might be right for you.

ProTec DIY security systems give you the flexibility and freedom to build a custom-tailored monitoring system that suits your diverse needs. In addition, the system is easy to install, integrate and use without a professional installer or having to be techno-savvy.

Here are the benefits of the ProTec DIY Security System:


When shopping for a DIY security system, flexibility and ease of use must always be factored in. Here is why the Protect DIY system is at the top of the league:

  • It’s an all-in-one wireless intelligent home security system
  • It’s accessible from any point on the globe via the Alarm.com App
  • Access to live feeds and notifications via text or emails
  • Smart alarm activation and deactivation
  • Adaptable and expandable


DIY security systems should offer a wide range of simple, functional features. ProTec offers just that. Here are the features that make ProTec the best in the market:

  • LTE and WiFi-enabled to ensure maximum speeds during the transmission of live feeds
  • Integrations on various devices
  • Fast software updates
  • 5MP camera to record alarm video and takes disarm photos of users
  • Easy to integrate with various devices like iPhone, Android, Windows, and Kindle

Easy to Use Interface

ProTec DIY security systems have an intuitive 7″ touchscreen IQ Panel 2 Plus for optimum operations. The IQ Panel can pass for a smartphone with its sleek design and simple-to-use interface. The user interface offers the following features:

  • Simple arming mechanism
  • Panic mode activation
  • Swipe pagination design similar to a smartphone
  • Supports multiple users
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote disarming

When activated to sleep mode, the device acts as a digital photo frame adding aesthetic value to your home.

Do you want to upgrade your home security with the most advanced DIY security system? Do you want to lower your home security costs while taking charge of your security? Sign up today for a free quote.

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