Understand The Advantages Of Having A Home Security System


Home Security Systems Can Protect You While At Home

Many people think that home security systems are in place to protect your valuables when you leave. It is easy to believe this considering that about 4.5 billion dollars in stolen property get reported annually. However, there are more advantages of having a home security system and many of them have to do with caring for you and your family while inside your home.

Understand that break-in’s can happen even when you are home and at night while your family is sleeping. Generally, burglaries are committed by non-professional criminals who do not plan to encounter anyone home and, because of this, there is a higher chance of violence due to panic on both ends. Home security systems monitor not only unauthorized entry but motion within the home as well.

Home Security Systems Should Include A Smoke Alarm

Billions of dollars go up in smoke each year when personal property is lost to residential fires. In addition, 3 out of every 5 deaths that occur in fires happen in homes with no working smoke alarm. When you install a home security system from ProTec you are getting a monitored fire system that provides early detection of fire activity and someone who will notify the authorities when there is cause for concern.

Home Security Systems Can Save Your Life

In the instance that you or someone in your home has medical problems, be protected with LifeGard. One push of a button puts you in touch with medical emergency personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At ProTec you have the added reassurance of a system equipped with a two-way voice module.

When you are home or away Smart Control, on your smartphone, allows you to monitor carbon monoxide levels, thermostat temperatures, closed/open door statuses and even live video feeds.

Know that your home is secure and your loved ones are safe with a home security system from ProTec. If you have any questions about our products or services please, contact us.