Ultimate Medical Protection

daughter with mom at home

Are you a member of the sandwich generation whose children and aging parents both require care? It’s difficult to know that your parents will need assistance when you can’t be there to provide it for them. Your parent’s health isn’t so bad that they would require an assisted living facility or nursing home, but you’re worried about the hours they spend at home when you are not there.

There is a solution. You don’t have to overwork yourself to safeguard your aging relative. The ProTec LifeGard Medical Alert is an economical, always-on solution. This Medical Alert program will cost you just $30 per month and guarantees your senior relative’s security, safety, and ability to obtain help whenever needed.


LifeGard Medical Alert is a personal emergency system that uses advanced technology and makes it simple. The benefits of this system are numerous, but let’s go over a few of the most important for your older loved ones.

Door Decals

LifeGard comes with decals that can be applied to the home’s exterior doors. These decals will point first responders toward medications, medication instructions, and other medical information.

If your loved one is unresponsive when first responders arrive, these decals can help ensure that paramedics are aware of any allergies or medical conditions your loved one may have. This can help them determine what may be happening with your loved one and avoid giving them a treatment that may worsen matters.

Waterproof Necklace or Wristband

A traditional security system often has a medical alert option but typically requires the person in need to go to the installed security panel. While LifeGard does have a device that can be used to summon help, we also provide a waterproof necklace or wristband. This portable panic button means your loved one doesn’t need to use the equipped device when they need help.

This is useful in two ways. First, it means your loved one has a panic button they don’t need to carry. They wear the necklace or wristband and have their hands free. Second, the waterproof nature of the panic button means that whether they’re sitting in a recliner in their living room with trouble breathing or have slipped and fallen in the shower, they can summon help with a simple push of the button.

Instant Two-Way Communication

When you use your phone to call 911, you can provide details of who needs help, what kind of help, and where they are. Unfortunately, many medical alert options don’t provide that kind of service. Instead, they often just alert authorities of a medical need at your loved one’s address.

Our system is designed with two-way communication so your loved one can express exactly what is happening and where they are in the home so they can receive assistance as quickly as possible. And if they happen to push the button by mistake, it also allows them to explain that and avoid the embarrassment of first responders showing up when nothing is wrong.

No Contracts or Installation Costs

We won’t require you to sign a contract when you sign up for our service. We will also provide the device and waterproof panic button at no charge. While you may need our assistance this month, your aging loved one may have a different living situation by next month. We understand.

All you need to do is sign up for our service, and for $30 a month, your loved one can summon help whenever needed. And you can cancel whenever you need to.

Who Can Use LifeGard?

LifeGard Medical Alert is great for anyone who may need help when they’re home alone:

  • Someone with a recent or temporary disability: If your loved one gets a new disability as they age or has a temporary disability like a broken wrist or ankle, LifeGard can help them get help in case they tumble or get hurt.
  • Someone returning from the hospital: Whether your aging family member underwent surgery or was admitted for another reason, you and your relative will have concerns about their ability to manage themselves when they go home. You can feel better knowing that LifeGard allows them to call for help in a hurry if they need it.
  • Someone who requires a bit of help but not enough to require around-the-clock care: It is not necessary to hire a home health care aide or nurse for your loved one if they can still take care of themself for the most part. However, if there is a chance they may fall and hurt themselves, have a heart condition that might cause problems at any moment, or have other health conditions that could cause complications, you’ll want to know they can get help immediately.

Perhaps one of the best parts of ProTec LifeGard’s system is that it doesn’t just alert first responders. It can also alert designated emergency contacts at the same time. This means any time your loved one calls for help, you’ll know.

If you’re ready to ensure your senior relative is safe in their home, contact ProTec today and ask about the LifeGard Medical Alert System. With 24/7 protection and response, you can rest easy knowing that you are giving your loved one the independence they want and the security they need.