Do You Keep Forgetting to Close Your Garage Door When Leaving the House?

frustrated man sitting in car realizing he left his garage door open

Smart security systems are doing more than keeping people secure from outside threats. Once you have an interactive security system in place, it can let you know about fire hazards, unusual exterior or interior activity, and give you timely reminders. Here are some of the most popular automated alerts people program into their security systems:

Get an alert when your garage door is left open.

Everyone’s had that annoying feeling that they’ve left something open after leaving the house in the morning. But if you have ever entered the highway entrance ramp and suddenly wondered if you left the garage door open, you were faced with the hard choice of either turning around to check or worrying about it all day. Smart security systems let you check on the door remotely. But if you want to stop worrying about it entirely, then you can program your security system to alert you if it gets left open. Then you’ll know even before you pull away from the neighborhood.

Get an update if someone is using a system code when no one should be home.

Home security codes are standard tools in security systems. Some companies add key fobs into the mix so smart homes can recognize their occupants, but everyone has at least a backup code. If you’re worried about someone gaining access to these codes or devices, program an alert so your house will tell you if someone’s using a system at an unusual time. Then you can flip on the front door camera to see who it is. This feature doesn’t just keep your home safe from trespassers; it also helps you keep an eye on your kids if you think you need to.

Add alerts for open doors and windows, too.

Open garage doors aren’t the only nagging issue during your morning commute. If you want to stay on top of your doors and windows, too, add sensors that can detect if they’re open. Then you can both check in on and get automated alerts about any entrances that are left open or unlocked.

For more ways to get the most security out of your smart security system, contact our home security system professionals today.