The Smart Choice For Securing Your Home

finger touching a smart home menu

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also home to your loved ones and the things you value most. If you expect your home to be a safe haven for your family and valuables, trusting traditional security can leave homeowners with outdated protection.

The security experts at ProTec Security Systems discuss the benefits of an interactive smart control security network. Keep reading more details below to learn how smart control interactive services are reliable and discreet protection for your home.

3 Reasons Why Homeowners Need Smart Control To Secure Their Home

1. Smart Protection

Smart home security is thoughtless protection. Unlike traditional systems that require arming your security network, smart technology is always working for you. Experience total home automation that protects your home 24/7. You’re aware of what’s going on in your home in real-time. For example, get email alerts when your smart security alarm detects motion. Smart security doesn’t need to be monitored like traditional home security. With advanced technology features, smart security takes the guesswork out of having home security. Smart Control Interactive Services grow with you and works to protect your home all the time.

2. Automated Features

Smart security puts everything you need to protect your home at your fingertips.

  • Enjoy live feed monitoring by setting in-app preferences
  • Know when the kids get home from school
  • Get alerts if the medicine or gun cabinet is engaged
  • Instant event alerts
  • Web-based/mobile enabled features
  • And much more

Set the level of security for your home or monitor your pets from anywhere in the world with internet access.

3. emPower™ Your Home

emPower™ is a single platform with many advantages including automation. You’ll lower your utility cost with energy management capabilities. Smart security allows users to lock/unlock their doors from anywhere or manage a home thermostat on the go. Protect your home and make smarter energy decisions with Smart Control Interactive Services that emPower™.

You’re invited to contact us at ProTec Security Systems to protect your home with Smart technology today.