Technology That Puts You In Control

woman controlling home technology using her phone

Technology is everywhere these days, and smartphones are capable of doing an incredible number of tasks. There’s an app for nearly everything, from banking to tracking sleep cycles. When so much else is managed through smartphones, why would your home security system be any different? With ProTec Security Systems, you can interactively control systems in your home and receive instant alerts to your phone, no matter your location.

Interactive Control

The ability to remotely manage your home is crucial in today’s busy world. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can now always have access to your home security system. ProTec’s interactive platform allows you to not only receive alerts but also make changes while you’re on the go. No need to drive back home if you forgot to lock the door, as you can now simply lock it straight from your cell phone.

Alternatively, if your child forgot their house key, you can remotely unlock the door without leaving the office. These interactive controls are for more than just security, too. Through ProTec’s single platform, you can manage the thermostat, lights, and more. With control of your home’s systems at your fingertips, you can enjoy peace of mind, even when you are miles away.

Instant Alerts

In addition to perpetual remote access, ProTec offers a wide array of instant alerts that will go straight to your phone or email. Your new security system will alert you of any changes in the house, including motion detection, unlocked doors, open gun safes or medicine cabinets, or even flood damage. Furthermore, this interactive security system gives you the controls to customize your alerts. You decide which actions you would like to be notified of, and how you will receive those alerts. If you need to check on a lower-priority action or revisit an alert later, all of the data will be stored within the mobile app for two months. With easy, immediate access to all of your security data, you’ll never have to worry or wonder about the safety of your house again.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to stop worrying, stop wondering, and have instant remote access to your home security, then ProTec Security Systems is here to help. The ProTec interactive platform, controlled through your smartphone, has all the best features for both safety and energy management. To receive a free home evaluation and quote, contact us today.