Six Advantages to Having a Home Security System

padlock and home security system icons surrounding a house

There are many advantages to having a ProTec home security system installed. The security of your house and family are of vital importance to you and to us. Keeping them safe from harm and burglary require ensuring that your residence is a secure place for everyone whether you are away or in your house.

Home Security Systems Protect Valuables

This is the benefit most people immediately think of when considering a home security system. Many people have lost items of great personal or monetary value to a home invader. Such security systems have alarm systems that can frighten burglars into fleeing. They can notify the local authorities if someone does attempt a break-in to steal your valued possessions.

They Protect Your Loved Ones

Home Security Systems come equipped with door and window sensors and laser sensors for the interior. These ensure that if anyone attempts to enter your house without permission, your system will alert you. When the system is armed, tripping one of these devices will set off an alarm usually after granting a few seconds to enter the proper code on the keypad. When it is not armed, the door and window sensors trigger a beep to let you know that someone is entering or leaving.

They Allow You to Monitor Your Residence

Home Security Systems can be equipped with interior and exterior video monitoring cameras. These cameras can be connected through your security system to a computer or other device, allowing you to monitor your property and family live or look over recordings to search for incidents. Recordings like these can be vital evidence during court cases against intruders. ProTec Security Systems offers you a smartphone app that will allow you to monitor your property and loved ones with your phone.

They Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

Insurance companies tend to lower the cost of homeowner’s insurance by around twenty percent when a house is protected by a home security system. This means that a home security system will make protecting your house and possessions in other ways cheaper, granting you even more peace of mind.

They Provide Constant Monitoring for Your Home

Monitored Home Security Systems are connected to monitoring personnel who can alert authorities if something goes wrong when you are away. Going out of town for business or leaving for vacation can sometimes be nerve-wracking even with a home security alarm, but with monitoring services, someone is always there to respond in case of an emergency.

They Can Call for Medical Assistance When Needed

The ProTec LifeGard Personal Emergency System can be included with the purchase of your home security system. This medical alert system empowers those who are likely to require immediate assistance in the event of a health emergency to contact emergency services with the push of a button. These devices are most often used by elderly family members but can be very helpful for those with certain serious medical conditions as well.

Most people these days don’t realize that a home security system would be extremely helpful for making sure that the goals above are achieved. Don’t wait for something to go wrong. An attacker or intruder breaking in while you and your family are asleep is a terrifying experience to endure. Contact ProTec Security Systems to have your home security system installed today.