Security Systems and The Changing Global Landscape

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There is no doubt that the past two years have facilitated some significant changes in how we live on a global scale. As a result, things that we may not have even given a second thought about are now some things we are concerned with daily.

Take, for instance, our aging population. We need to realize how much more important it is to protect our senior adults, particularly those living alone, or those who have medical conditions, or possibly both.

Protecting Our Senior Adults

Now that we are beginning to see what a post-pandemic world would look like, let’s look at how we can better protect the ones that are most important to us—our senior adults.

ProTec now offers a complete medical alert security system for our aging seniors. Plain and simple, it provides peace of mind for you and for the ones you love the most! ProTec’s LifeGard personal emergency system is an easy-to-use high-tech solution for those seniors with medical conditions.

Our aging parents and other seniors are adamant about being and staying independent. The LifeGard system will allow them to do just that, knowing that help is just a simple push-button away!

Here are some key benefits of this ‘panic button’ style of emergency medical protection from ProTec.

  • No upfront expenses. Your panic button and your communication device are FREE to all those who subscribe to our LifeGard service.
  • No contracts! Just pay your monthly service subscription on a month-to-month basis.
  • Installation, monitoring, and a lifetime warranty on equipment and batteries are included for only $30 per month.
  • Wear the button as a necklace or a wristband, and LifeGard will contact both EMS and your designated loved ones with a single button push.

Isn’t this the type of protection you have been looking for regarding your senior loved ones?

Take a moment to contact ProTec or visit our website for more information on the LifeGard Emergency Monitoring Service today!