Secure Your Home While Away

illustration of family packing a car for vacation

When looking for a new home security system, certain functions will put your mind at ease. Whether you like to travel and are gone for long periods of time or have a family that you want to make sure is safe while you’re at work, these functions are universally important. This is especially true in the summer months when many of us are taking vacations and are away from home. So, what elements make a home security system user-friendly and make sure your home is the safest possible?

High-tech options

In an ever-changing world, your home security system needs to be able to change with the times. You want a security system that can adapt to your technology needs. High-tech options can include the following features:

  • smart touch keypad
  • wireless keypad
  • voice control
  • key ring remote

All of these options keep you and your home safe while, at the same time, using technology to its fullest. A smart touch keypad can be placed in your entryway to let you control your settings conveniently upon entering or leaving your home. A wireless keypad can allow you to do the same throughout your house, wherever you are. Voice control keypads make it convenient to utilize your security system if your hands are full. Finally, a keyring remote can allow you to arm or disarm your security system conveniently from your key ring.

Extra security features

When buying a home security system, every extra security feature your system can offer, the better. While there are many options, some of these extra features include:

  • Infrared motion detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Panic buttons
  • Security cameras
  • Image sensors
  • Door and window contacts
  • Glass break protector

Every one of these options provides additional security for your home and family, especially if you’re on vacation or away from your home for any length of time. All of these features mean peace of mind for you. Sensors can detect movement when it’s dark. Door and window contacts will set off an alarm if anything is opened without authorization. When something does happen, you can look at security cameras 24/7 to monitor activities in your home, even if you’re away.

If all of these features are what you would want in your security system, there’s good news. Each of these high-tech security features is standard for ProTec Security Systems. So contact us today to secure your home and protect your family with one of our custom security systems.