Look to ProTec Home Security Systems For Peace of Mind


When you think of a fire alarm, you might think of the klaxon-like alarm sounding at your high school or the home smoke detector you bought at your local hardware store.

When you call ProTec Home Security Systems in Greenville South Carolina, you will get an alarm loud enough to roust you and your family from a deep sleep, and so much more!

In addition to its Lazarus-waking alerts, our interactive, state-of-the-art, fire, carbon monoxide (CO) and water sensors will send specific, useful information to you, our monitoring team here at ProTec, and the appropriate local emergency responders.

If your furnace isn’t venting quite right because a bird started building its retirement home in the exhaust vent, you may get an elevated CO reading in your basement. As soon as the carbon monoxide exceed our programmed threshold level, your system will alert you, our staff, and the fire department that there is a problem.

If your pipes freeze and burst in one of our rare freezes while you are visiting your aunt in Columbus, as soon as the water reaches the strategically placed sensor, your very smart alarm system will let you and our staff know about the problem.

We all do our best to prevent fires and other tragedies in our homes. We get our furnaces inspected every year, we get rid of worn extension cords, and we try not to overload circuits. In spite of our best efforts, though, things happen.

To keep you and your possessions safe, even when things happen, please contact us. We’d love to work with you to design a home security system to give you that safe, secure feeling our customers enjoy.