Monitor Your Home Inside and Out

illustration of burglar breaking into home through a window

Burglars and intruders often take advantage of a home’s lack of security measures. That’s why it’s imperative to have a reliable home security system that can alert you when intruders are detected. Monitored home security systems provide the best protection for your family and valuables, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your property is secure.

Here are some monitored home security systems that can provide the best protection for your home:

1. Recessed Door Sensor

The break-in attempt of an intruder can be detected even before they enter your home with a recessed door sensor. It detects movement and sound through vibrations in the door or wall. It alerts you when an intruder is trying to get in so you can take action and call the authorities. Put a recessed door sensor in each doorway to better protect your home.

2. Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Passive Infrared Motion Detector senses any body heat or movement within its range. When an intruder enters a protected area, the detector will send caution to your monitoring center. This security system can be installed in various rooms or spaces to detect any movement or heat.

3. Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors are installed inside window and door frames and can detect the sound of shattering glass and send an alarm to the security system. These devices are typically used in high-security locations like banks or high-value residences. They are usually used with motion detectors to eliminate false alarms due to pets or other disturbances.

4. Smart Touch Keypad

You can set up a password-protected system with a Smart Touch Keypad. It is installed near entryways, and you can set up access codes for individuals or groups. It will alert you when the wrong code is used and can be automatically disabled if the incorrect code is entered too many times. This allows you to track who is entering your home and when.

5. Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

As carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, it can be hazardous if it leaks into your home. A wireless carbon monoxide detector will detect any levels of this gas and alert you so that you can take preventive measures and protect your family from this hazard.

6. HD Security Cameras

HD security cameras allow you to monitor your home from anywhere. You can get real-time footage of what happens in and around your home, even when you’re away. While providing the best protection for your home and valuables, these cameras can also monitor children, pets, or any other activity.

Keep your family and valuables safe with monitored home security systems. With a reliable system installed in your home, you can be sure to be alerted at the first sign of any intruder or hazardous situation.

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