Keep Yourself Protected

a medical professional offering help to a patient with a heart and plus sign icon in the background

Allow yourself to live a safer life with the LifeGard Medical Alert System. This easy-to-use system is designed to protect you 24 hours a day. It offers immediate emergency response at the push of a button and is an easy means of communication. If you have a disability or health condition, the LifeGard system can boost your independence without fear or worry. In addition, this alert system is a simple, cost-efficient way to keep you protected.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Even though the LifeGard system is high-tech, it is designed to be very simple. It includes a portable, wireless, and waterproof panic button that can be worn every day. With just the push of this button, certified personnel will be notified to help in case of an emergency. The system is designed to offer you two-way communication with your emergency responders. In addition, it will notify anyone you select as an emergency contact when the button is pressed.

Protection 24/7

If you’re a senior citizen, living with a disability, or are recovering from an illness at home, it’s not always possible or practical to be monitored by someone 24/7. The LifeGard system can ensure that you’re never truly alone. Pushing the emergency button will provide immediate communication and the reassurance that someone will be there to help as soon as possible. Door decals can also be provided to communicate with medical respondents in case you’re unresponsive or unconscious. One decal can be placed on your front door to guide EMS to the decal on your fridge, which can list your medications, allergic reactions, or any other important medical information.

Highly Affordable

You won’t be tied down with massive installment payments or long-term contracts. Your two-way communication device and panic button come free with the service. Payments are made month-by-month, allowing you the freedom to remain independent while also being protected. There are no additional fees; your equipment and batteries will come with a lifetime warranty for your convenience.

At ProTec Security, we work to keep you safe and protected. Our systems are made from the latest technology that’s easy to use and highly dependable. Contact us to learn more about our LifeGard Medical Alert System and how it can protect you and your family.