The Advantages of Whole-Home Surge Protection

burnt wall outlet without surge protection

A power surge can happen out of the blue, and before you can even react. In the blink of an eye, the surge will be over, but the ramifications could be widespread throughout your home. Unless you are protected, even a small power surge could fry your valuable electronics and appliances, causing thousands of dollars in damage, which can make surge protection a vital investment in your home.

This has led many homeowners to invest in individual surge protectors for their most valuable electronics, such as their computer, their entertainment system, and their refrigerator. However, not many homeowners have considered the benefits of whole-home surge protection, which adds a surge protector to the exterior of your home, as well as internal surge protectors on all of the outlets in your home, in order to reduce the likelihood that a power surge will damage your electronic devices.

Protects Your Entire Home

One of the greatest innovations of whole-home surge protection is the addition of a meter-based external surge protector on the exterior of the home, which reduces externally generated power surges before they enter your home. These external surge protectors can be particularly beneficial as they help to protect all of the electronics in your home, not just those which you have chosen to add surge protection to. This protects you in the event that you forget to add a surge protector to one of your electronic devices, by diffusing external power surges before they reach your home.

Adds a Second Layer of Protection

External surge protectors are best used in combination with individual secondary internal surge protectors throughout your home. Internal surge protectors protect devices from power surges generated within your home, such as when an air conditioner cycles on and off. When used in tandem, internal and external surge protectors will provide you with whole-home surge protection, and will ensure the safety of your electronic devices and appliances, as you will have two layers of protection, which will give you the best shot of withstanding a wide range of power surges.

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