How Does Cloud-Based Storage Protect Your Home?

clouds with security locks

Security cameras are a great tool for keeping your family and house safe from anything ranging from property damage to break-ins. When most people consider updates to the system, they might think about getting more advanced technology, increasing the number of cameras, and automating their system. Another change you should keep in mind when updating your system is the video storage itself.

What Does Video Storage Have To Do With Security?

Storing your video footage directly in your home can help you monitor your home’s perimeter after the fact and it ensures you have a backup copy in the event of an incident. However, video footage takes up a lot of space, especially if you use multiple cameras 24/7 and want to store past footage. Even devoting a complete hard drive to your security footage might not be enough, and that still leaves the files vulnerable to corruption or damage as they age.

Cloud storage gives you multiple methods for storing your video. While you can still save your files locally, this gives you an automatic backup copy in the cloud, with fewer data restrictions and greater accessibility on secured devices. Cloud storage gives you the option of watching your security footage even when you’re not at home so you can see what triggered a recent alert or if you want to just check in. Cloud storage also helps you easily share information with the police or an attorney in the event of a break-in.

While video monitoring and storage is just a small part of how ProTec Security Systems can help keep your home secured, using the cloud makes monitoring your home easier than ever. Contact us to learn more about our other security features and guarantees here.