5 Common Causes of Home Fires


As a provider of home security systems in Greenville, we thought we’d take a closer look at the most common causes of residential fires. By knowing the areas of the home that pose the greatest risk, you can take steps to protect your family, home, and valuables. Here are five common causes of home fires:


Candles smell great and add a cozy glow to your home, but they can also be a major fire hazard. All it takes is a candle getting accidentally knocked over onto a curtain or blanket, and you could soon have a major house fire on your hands. Practice good fire safety by never leaving burning candles unattended, only using candle holders that are sturdy and properly fit your candle, and keeping candles completely out of reach of children and pets.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires every year. If you live in an older home and notice signs of faulty or outdated wiring (like frequently blown fuses or electrical outlets that emit shocks) it’s a good idea to have your home inspected by an electrician. It’s also important to avoid overloading outlets.

Dryer Mishaps

Most people don’t realize that their dryer can be a major fire hazard, but the combination of high heat and flammable material in the form of lint is very dangerous. To avoid a dryer-related fire, clean out your lint trap after every use and make sure your dryer is properly vented to the outside.

Christmas Trees

Having a Christmas tree during the holiday season makes your home feel much more festive, but it’s important to practice good fire safety. If you have a live tree, keep it well-watered as a dry tree is much more flammable. Keep your Christmas tree away from candles, space heaters, and fireplaces, and never leave Christmas tree lights on when you leave the house or go to sleep.

Indoor Smoking

Many house fires are started by cigarettes or cigarette butts since all it takes is a small ember making contact with flammable material like bedding. Consider only smoking outdoors and if you do smoke inside, properly dispose of cigarette butts and avoid smoking in bed.

Fire safety is very important, but it’s only one aspect of keeping your home and family safe. Contact us today to learn more about our integrated home security systems and fire alarm systems.