Connecting Our Home Security System and Your Mobile Phone

hand holding mobile phone showing home security system app

Protecting your home is a concern that all homeowners share. Your family’s protection is a priority and finding ways to protect them is grueling. At ProTec, we understand your concerns and have developed a way for you to not only protect your home but to stay connected with what’s going on in real-time – even when you’re away!

ProTec provides quality services like Worry-Free Detection – an advanced electronic smoke and heat detection system that notifies authorities if you are unable to, video monitoring to ensure that you are able to see what’s around in real-time, and the ability to control it all from our App!

We have partnered with to develop a way for customers to interact with their home on the go. The security systems collect information from your home and securely stores it online for you to view at your convenience. also offers a feature-rich automation solution called emPower which gives you complete control over all critical systems within your home.

Here is an inside look at what emPower has to offer.

  • Easily manage your lights, locks, and thermostat to control energy consumption while on the go.
  • Remotely lock your doors from anywhere in the world.
  • Set your home to automatically warm or cool, based on your consumption needs.
  • Create automatic lighting schedules before arriving or to throw-off intruders.
  • Get real-time alerts through text or email when a lock or thermostat setting has changed.

Never miss out with the app – available in the App Store or Google Play. Stay connected with your home and experience security solutions like never before. At ProTec, we take pride in being the most dependable home security system company in South Carolina. Contact us to learn more.