How A Home Security System Can Save Your Life


Home security systems are nothing new. We’ve had them for years now, and technology has advanced to the point where even a “basic” security system looks like something out of an old James Bond movie. Wireless security cameras too small for casual observers to see? Check. The ability to check on your home from your cell phone so you always know you’re safe? Check. Voice activation so you can notify someone when you’re in trouble? Big check on that.

It is, in fact, no stretch of the imagination to say that a home security system can literally save your life.

When we think of our home security systems, we tend to think of their preventative powers. Burglars and home invaders take one look at your system, realize it will call the cops and record their attempted break-in, and they move on to a less difficult target. However, a home security system does more than that.

A home security system watches while you sleep. It also listens in case something bad happens. So, if your house catches fire while you’re asleep, your security system can call the firefighters before the smoke wakes you up. If you are injured and can’t get to the phone, your security system can call an ambulance for you. It is, in a very real sense, a safety net that’s there to help catch you when you fall.

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