Home Security and Smart Home Technologies

home security lock on blue background

With home security options expanding their selections available to consumers who want to secure their homes fully, it is no surprise to us that the home security market is expected to reach over $44 billion in three years.

Everyone wants to feel safe at home, and everyone wants to have the peace of mind that their home and valuables will be safe while they are away. This desire to improve the security of their home incorporated with the growth of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), the home security market is being supercharged.

Over 30 percent of consumers depend on smart home security systems to secure their homes, but these options were not always available. Can you remember as far back as ten years? Do you remember how difficult it was to install smart home technology? Eventually, things began to change when home security providers started to gain a better understanding of smart home technology.

By 2012, up to 70 percent of smart home automation devices were being used with home security systems. Today, the majority of new and current homeowners are familiar with smart home security systems, and they are more likely to have a smart home security system. Home security and smart home technology have proven to have a very close relationship.

Home security and smart home technology were introduced in the early stages and have worked well together ever since. Due to this connection, we expect smart home technology to continue having a leading role right next to home security. The privacy and cybersecurity of home security systems will remain a priority.

When homeowners make an investment in technology for their home, they want to know that it will remain secure and that their safety and privacy will not be compromised in any way. Unfortunately, privacy is one of the reasons why many homeowners make the decision not to use smart home security devices.

Our home security experts believe that ensuring that technology remains secure will be a critical part of this industry, and it will continue to be one of the main focuses throughout 2020 and beyond. Any home security provider needs to provide clear disclosure of their home security features and their abilities. As home security technology becomes more prevalent, there will be an introduction of new and improved ways to monitor homes.

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