Fire Alarm Systems and Holiday Awareness


Whatever you celebrate, the winter months are a time for decorating, parties, gifts, and fun. Who wants to think about unhappy things like fire when there are snacks to eat and games to watch?

Unfortunately, November and December, are the highest-risk months for house fires. The most common causes of house fires are smoking, candles, electrical equipment (shorts, overheating, frayed cords), and Christmas trees. Sadly, the most common cause of death in house fires is people being unable to get out of the house in time. But before you lose all your holiday cheer, there are things ProTec can do to make sure you never have a house fire in the first place.

Chestnuts Roasting by the Open Heating Element

The number one killer in the home is no longer smoke, it is carbon monoxide. Faulty space heaters, gas generators, and creosote-clogged fireplace flues can fill your home with the deadly gas before you can wake. ProTec has both hardwired and wireless carbon monoxide detectors that sniff the air for this colorless, odorless gas, and alert you and your family before getting to dangerous levels.

Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

If you’re asleep, you can’t get out of the house. If you wake up and the house is already on fire, you still can’t get out of the house. ProTec has smoke and heat detectors to sense fires before they reach critical levels and sound the alarm while you and your family have time to make your escape. The automatic notification system will trigger a fire department response even if you can’t get to the phone or are too busy getting the kids out to make the call.

Home for the Holidays

The best gift you can give yourself is one less thing to worry about. Before the kids come back from school, the relatives descend for meals and snacks in front of the TV, and endless parties fill your schedule, buy yourself the present of peace of mind, and prevent any fires before they strike. Contact ProTec for a home security system estimate now and make your holiday activities safe and secure for you and your family.