Back To School List: Don’t Forget About Home Security

girl talking with her mom on home security system video chat

The children will soon be back in school, and this means your house will go back to an organized schedule. This can also mean that your children may return home to an empty house for a few hours after school. However, you do not have to worry because you can add several pieces of technology to your home that will ensure your children and your home are safe while you are not there. You can also ensure that your children are even doing their homework and taking care of their after-school chores.

Is Your Home Secure?

Now is a great time to upgrade your home’s security so you can keep up with a busy school year and a hectic house. With all of the home security technology and added features available, one of the features that you will love is the notification feature. You can receive emails, push notifications, and text messages whenever an alarm system event occurs.

Get Notified

You will be able to enter the numbers that you want to receive the notifications. You can set up the system to alert you when events are taking place in your house, such as doors and windows opening and closing. You are even given the flexibility to choose how often you want to receive the notifications and how you want to receive them. You will always be in the loop when it comes to what is happening in your home.

Keeping Your Home in View

You can also have an improved sense of relief and better peace of mind when you receive an alert, and you can pull up your mobile device to see what is happening at home. You will be able to see a live view or a clip from your security camera. You can also use your cameras to see if your children have invited someone over without permission.

Your Family’s Security is Important to Us

At ProTec Security Systems, we know how stressful the start of a new school year can be. This is why we work hard to provide families with the home security and automation systems they need to reduce their stress levels. While you are getting prepared for another school year, we encourage you to think about purchasing a home security system for the first time or replacing your current system with a more advanced system.

Contact us today for more information about our affordable home security systems and how they can benefit your home and family this school year.