As Greenville, SC Population Grows, Consider Your Home’s Security Needs

crowd of people walking illustrating Greenville SC growth

Greenville, SC, is a beautiful place to call home and more and more people realize just what a treasure this city is. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that the city of Greenville grew by 1.9% between July 2016 and July 2017. Additionally, Greenville has added almost 10,000 new residents since the last big census count in 2010, a shift of 17% in population growth.

Security Challenges That Come With Growth

While the addition of new neighbors and residents to Greenville offers excellent benefits to our community, it also brings with it new challenges, including the challenge of keeping your home, property, family, and pets secure and safe. Adding a home security system or upgrading your current home security system can also enhance the value of your home and may even impact your homeowner’s insurance costs.

As many retirees move to Greenville to enjoy the beauty and grace of our city as well as the mild climate and recreational opportunities, the addition of a home security system can offer peace of mind to both the retiree and their families, especially in situations where elderly parents may live alone.

Securing Greenville Homes

ProTec is leading the way in securing homes in Greenville, SC, and offering a wide variety of home security services as well as commercial security services that can be tailored to your unique and individual home and family situation or your business or commercial needs.

What are some of the cutting edge security solutions ProTec offers?

As Greenville continues to attract new residents to our thriving and vibrant city, contact us at ProTec to discuss your home security plan and find out just how many ways we can help your home, family, and business stay safe.