All-In-One Wireless Smart Home Security

ProTec's IQ Panel 2 Plus Remote

The rise in wireless technology and connectivity makes it possible to have a home automation system where you can control everything from lighting, locking doors, thermostats, among other functionalities. How would it feel knowing that you can control your home’s security as well as other smart devices from anywhere? ProTech Security Systems offers you an IQ Panel 2 Plus, making your home’s security, autonomy, and connectivity a reality.

If you have been looking for a smart home security system that controls everything, look no further than the IQ Panel 2 Plus. The panel is easy to use no matter how old you are. Here are some of the functionality benefits of IQ Panel that should make you get one today;

It Keeps You Connected to Your Home

IQ Panel 2 Plus keeps you connected to things that matter most to you, such as your home and family. When a family member accesses your home, the IQ Panel 2 Plus will notify you immediately and send disarm photos to your phone. This makes it possible to know when a family member reaches home. When you leave home, the IQ Panel knows that you’ve exited the field and sends the information to the integrated phones. This feature keeps you informed about your family and helps maintain high-security measures.  Wherever you might be, you are always connected to IQ Panel with the app.

Your Home Devices Can be Controlled from One Place

Imagine walking out of the door knowing that the lights will automatically turn off, doors will lock, and the alarm will arm automatically. IQ Panel Plus makes all these possible through its intelligently programmed system. It controls your home’s smart lighting systems, security systems, smart thermostats, unlocking and locking front doors, and so forth. With an IQ Panel, you can turn on the thermostat from the workplace to get your home ready before you arrive.

Makes Life Easy, Comfortable, and Saves you Money

IQ Panel is intelligently automated to make your home comfortable, energy-efficient, and save money. You don’t have to access every room to switch off the lights or turn off thermostats because this can be done via the IQ Panel. This ensures that lights and other devices are only switched on when necessary, reducing energy consumption and energy bills.

IQ Panel has a 7″ HD capacitive touchscreen display with multi-gesture capability, high resolution, and 24-bit color. Therefore, you can customize your family’s photo frame to show off your recent family adventures using the IQ Panel and add beauty to your home.

IQ Panel 2 Plus is a unique product that combines all the necessary features that anyone would like to see in their smart security systems. If you would like to order the IQ Panel 2 Plus or know more about it, kindly contact us today.