Affordable Security Solutions You Can Trust

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Protecting your home is essential. But it all begins with choosing a reliable and affordable security solution provider who offers quality service and value for your money. ProTec offers affordable and dependable solutions for all your security needs.

Prepared For the Unexpected

Protecting your home against unexpected break-ins will give you peace of mind no matter where you are. ProTec offers high quality yet affordable home monitoring system that can help you discourage criminal activity. Below are the various home security systems that we offer.

  • Remote security alarms: Get notified of any unexpected break-ins in your home, no matter where you are.
  • Video monitoring: Use videos to monitor who is getting into your home and take action immediately if you sense danger.
  • Wireless carbon monoxide dictator: Be able to take action immediately, and keep your home and family safe.
  • Panic button: Notify the authorities about any unexpected danger in your home and prevent potential criminals from breaking into your home.
  • HD Security Camera: Monitor what is happening in your home day and night, whether you are around or not.
  • Angled image sensor: Electronically capture optical images and get immediate notifications. If you notice any unusual activity, you can take immediate action.
  • Passive infrared motion detector: Detect movement from strangers while you are away and take action quickly.
  • Key ring remote: Arm or disarm your security systems when getting in your home or exiting.
  • Glass break detector: Some criminals may try to bypass security by accessing your home through a window. Glass break detectors make this more difficult.
  • Wireless keypad: Situated anywhere in your home to activate or deactivate your alarm system.
  • Recessed door sensor: Prevent break-ins in your home by installing a door sensor inside a room.

All these solutions give you timely and worry-free detection, enabling you to respond immediately when necessary.

Securing Your Business

If you own a business, you know what it means to secure and protect your investment from thieves. ProTec offers quality commercial security systems that can help you monitor what is happening within your premises, whether present or away. These systems allow you to:

  • Monitor employees when they enter your premises
  • Provide security to the entire building
  • Restrict access to some areas
  • Generate quality reports and analysis

We provide electronic keys, locking devices, readers, control panel accessories, ID photos, or badges. Our security solutions offer high-end security that criminals cannot bypass.

Closed Circuit TV and NVR Surveillance

We also provide solutions that let you monitor and control all facets of your business. We will customize your CCTV to meet your security needs. Our wireless and hardwired security also keeps your premises safe whether you are away from your office for a day or two weeks. This allows you to arm, disarm, and monitor your installed cameras no matter where you are using an authorized device as long as you are connected to the internet.

Get Affordable, Reliable, and Convenient Security Solutions from ProTec

There are a variety of security solutions to choose from at ProTec that help you meet your security needs. We offer affordable, timely, and quality security solutions. Contact us to get the security you need for your home or business.