Affordable Protection For the Senior Adults in Your Family

smiling senior adult woman secure at home

As the number of senior citizens who prefer to retain their independence or do not want to burden their families is rising daily, the younger generation is also busy with their everyday lives. However, one in every four seniors suffers from a fall yearly, and the effect can be fatal if no one is around to help them.

You can help aging family members retain their independence and still be safe by investing in a personal alert system. LifeGard Personal Emergency System allows you and your aging loved ones to live without fear, knowing that they can press a button to contact emergency help.

Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

24/7 Response Help

With a medical alert system, you can press the emergency button for assistance, and there will be an immediate response regardless of the time.

Two Way Communication

With an emergency medical alert system, you can contact your aging family member, more so those with underlying medical conditions like convulsing, if you haven’t heard from them for a while. If there is no response, the emergency response team will respond immediately.


The medical alert system is lightweight, which the senior carries with them throughout the day without feeling burdened. They do not have to drag themselves around the house to access a communication device in an emergency.


The medical alert devices are waterproof and can send emergency SOS and request help when in distress, like if they were drowning.

Peace of Mind

When your aging family member has an emergency alert system, you can enjoy peace of mind and security without fear of what is happening when they are alone.

Affordability and Privacy

Most seniors prefer living alone to being in retirement homes. Hiring a nurse is very expensive compared to a personal emergency alert system.

Key Takeaway

You can make your aging family members feel protected and secure by having a personal emergency system. The emergency system should be lightweight, where they can put it on the wrist or hang it on the neck.

LifeGard Personal Emergency System from Protec is the perfect solution for you and your loved ones. It is affordable and provides 24/7 immediate response.

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