Affordable Appliance Protection Solutions That Work

woman loading dishwasher

Your home is more than likely the single most significant investment that you will ever make. Running a close second would be the HVAC system in your Greenville, South Carolina home or business.

Just as a savvy stockbroker would protect your investment, you can take a proactive approach to protect your HVAC and other household appliance investments.

ProTec’s Appliance and HVAC protection plans make it easy to protect your home investments!

ProTec Appliance/HVAC Protection

Perhaps you are already using ProTec Security services for your Greenville, South Carolina home or business. If you are, then simply adding your household appliances and HVAC system to the ProTec umbrella would seem natural as you already know and trust our dedicated team of professionals.

Just as our security services protect your home, so to can our appliance and HVAC protection services with a 24-7/365 security blanket for the devices that provide you with daily comforts and conveniences.

The ProTec Service Commitment

ProTec provides dependable priority service and expert repair on all of your home’s covered appliances. That includes our promise that no service call will ever exceed $25, and all calls have a $10 On-Time Service guarantee!

The Residual Service Program provides you with a $150 cushion should the covered appliance or system need to be replaced due to the repairs exceeding the appliance/system cost value. Add to that our toll-free Appliance Protection Hotline, and you get 24-7 security for all of your covered household appliances and HVAC systems.

Signing up for this service now benefits you in the form of a $20 Lowes Gift card! Protecting your home has never been easier than it is with industry-leading appliance and HVAC protection from ProTec! Contact us today.