Wireless Home Security System Ad-on Options

digital device with wireless home security system ad-ons floating above

As technology continues to advance, the features that can be added on to wireless home security systems continue to advance as well. If you are considering adding a security system to your home, or you think it may be time for an upgrade, you may be surprised to learn about some of the options that are available for home security systems. Here are just a few security system add-ons that will make your home more secure than ever.

Remote Door Control

One smart feature that is becoming common in more homes is smart locks. These locks allow homeowners to lock and unlock their doors using a code, or even an app on their phone, rather than using a traditional key. What many people are unaware of, however, is that smart locks can be integrated into a home security system to maximize the safety of your home. With smart locks integrated into your security system, you will be able to check whether or not your doors are locked and you will be able to lock or unlock them remotely from your smartphone. This can add additional security to your home by allowing you to not only confirm that your doors are locked when you are away from home, but this also lets you lock your doors without driving home if you forget to lock them on your way out in the morning.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are another great feature of modern home security systems. Panic buttons can be placed throughout your home, and as soon as you press them, they alert the authorities that you are in danger. This can be a great feature to have as it can allow you to alert the authorities if you see suspicious people on your property before they enter your home and trip the alarm, which can save precious time by allowing the cops to arrive before you are in danger.

Keyring Remotes

Your wireless alarm system may also be compatible with a keyring remote. These remotes look similar to the remote you likely already have on your keyring that activates your car’s alarm. Similarly, these remotes can allow you to arm and disarm your alarm system as you approach your home, allowing you to avoid the hassle of rushing to input your code before the alarm goes off.

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