Are Your Teens Safe at Home?

black and white photo of teenager looking out window through blinds

Having teenagers means that your life will never be dull. It also means that you may have some concerns about what is happening when your teenager is at home alone. Are they having a party? Is someone coming over who you have never met before? Is your teenager coming in late after a night out with friends or coming home from a late shift? Having a wireless home security system with remote monitoring will alleviate many of your concerns.

Live Feeds

Teenagers crave more independence, and it’s essential for them to learn to do things on their own. It’s also important to know what is going on in their lives. By installing a wireless security system, you can remotely monitor your home using your cell phone or tablet. If you are out on a date night, you can follow what is happening at your house. While you are waiting for your salad, you can watch live feeds from home or check in periodically to see how things are going between courses.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors send alerts if someone is in a room that they should not be in, so if an unwanted guest comes over without your permission, you will be notified.

Instant Notifications

ProTec wireless systems offer instant notifications for things like rising or falling temperatures or carbon monoxide poisoning. You also receive instant notifications if an intruder enters your home. This can be a frightening situation, especially if your kids are at home when the intruder enters, but by having an instant notification, you can act immediately. For parents who worry about ‘What if’ situations, this takes away a lot of the worry of your teens staying home alone.

Part of growing up is learning to be independent, but that doesn’t mean parents have to be completely “hands off.” ProTec Security Systems is here to take some of the worries out of being a parent. Contact us today for more information about our home security systems and to learn which one might work best for you.