Wired vs. Wireless Home Security System Options: Which Should You Choose?

woman staring at computer screen trying to decide on a wired or wireless home security system

You have finally decided to take the dive and invest in a home security system. However, before you press a button or click the mouse to join the ranks of the highest level of home protection, we encourage you to decide whether you want to have a wired security system or a wireless home security system.

Will it be better for your home to have a wired system or will it be better to have a house with wireless sensors? As with nearly everything in our lives, the answer is not always as straightforward as we want it to be. We would love to provide you with a helpful answer that will leave you feeling knowledgeable about home security. Your choice will depend on your home, your needs, and your personal preferences.

At ProTec Security Systems, we want to do what is best for the homeowner. Here are some of your options?

Wired Home Security Systems

There are several benefits and advantages to using wired systems. Your home’s wiring will be integrated into your home. As a result, the security system functions of your home will be given the functions they need through your home’s power. You will not have to worry about any limitations in regards to sensors or your wired devices.

If your home is not already wired for a wired home security system, the installation process can be quite intrusive. If you are going to have the wires installed in a home that has already been constructed, the final cost can be quite significant, and it may be a challenge to access every area of your home that you want to wire. If your home is already constructed for a wired security system, you can find some incredible benefits in using a wired security system.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems are becoming more widely used and for many good reasons. The components operate through the use of radio frequencies that are used to communicate between the sensors and the control panel. When your home uses a wireless system, you will only need to use one control panel, and this control panel will be used to communicate with all the hardware and sensors. You will not have to worry about undergoing any intrusive changes in your home because wireless systems will not require the same type of installation as a wired system.

The choice you want to make for your home should be the choice that leads to more comfort and the peace of mind you need every day and night. Contact us today for more information on our home security systems and wireless home security options.