Why Every Home Needs Fire Protection

close up of smoke reaching a smoke detector device

Early fire detection accelerates the arrival of first responders, limits the magnitude of property damage, and prevents serious injuries and loss of life. Whether the result of electrical wiring malfunction or an errant candle left burning overnight, house fires can smolder for hours unnoticed. Our fire and smoke detection systems alert homeowners as soon as elevated levels of heat and smoke are detected. Our integrated monitoring system also notifies authorities so firefighting teams can arrive onsite before total devastation occurs. Discover why installing our state-of-the-art fire protection in your home is essential for protecting your loved ones and your assets.

Your Escape Plan

In a home emergency, you and your family must have an escape plan. Identifying accessible windows and doors and practicing emergency exits will help everyone respond confidently when the unexpected occurs. These practice drills keep people from panicking when smoke floods the home. They also make it easier for residents to remember necessary exit steps like ushering small children and pets out, shutting doors to contain fires, and prioritizing life over belongings. However, all the practices in the world won’t offer much help if household residents aren’t aware of fires until flames have fully engulfed the building. The early detection provided by our fire alarm systems makes it possible for families to evacuate buildings just as they’ve practiced and without leaving anyone behind.

Fire Detection Technology

Although property damage is probably the least of your concerns when it comes to preserving human life, it’s also essential to consider the financial benefits of having an advanced fire alert system. Our fire alarm systems come with microprocessors, cutting-edge sensors, and other integrated circuitry and technologies that effectively mitigate the risk of extreme property damage. From day to day, you can count on our products to protect your loved ones, your home investment, and your home’s valuable assets and sentimental treasures. With our fire alarm system, you may see a significant decrease in your home insurance premiums due to an improved risk profile.

Preventing Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation is responsible for approximately 50% of all fire-related deaths. When everyone is awake and milling about the house, residents may notice pervasive, burnt odors spreading through the air or feel the sting of smoke in their noses, throats, and eyes. Unfortunately, many house fires occur during the nighttime hours when everyone sleeps. Therefore, nighttime fires significantly increase the risk of potentially fatal smoke inhalation. Even when there’s time to make a hasty escape, smoke inhalation injuries can have a lingering impact on human health and can still prove fatal. With smoke and fire detection from ProTec Security Systems, you can count on receiving early alerts of smoke and fire 24 hours a day.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

As homeowners increasingly tighten their home envelopes to promote higher levels of efficiency, they’re also creating an increased risk of dangerous backdrafts. If you use any fuel-burning appliance in your home, carbon monoxide (CO) can get pulled back into your living environment by negative air pressure. If gas-fired, oil-fired, or wood-fired appliances malfunction, CO and other exhaust gases can permeate your living space and cause severe illness or death. Given that CO gas is both odorless and colorless, the only way to detect it is by having a reliable alert system in place. Fortunately, our fire alarm systems provide combined fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection for a seamless, all-in-solution for keeping families safe. Contact us today to find out more or to request a free quote!