Who’s Securing the Security System? 3 Questions to Ask Before Picking a Smart Home System

faceless hacker in sitting in front of security system monitoring devices

Smart homes offer a lot of security system benefits. They give you remote control of your property’s electricity and let you change the thermostat. They also increase your home’s security with sensors, automated locks, and cameras. But that automation requires an operating system. Like all of the other data streams and computing systems in your life, it needs security against hacking and illicit data access. If you know a smart home is a right choice for your life but you want a security guarantee, ask your provider these three questions:

What protections are in place against unknown devices?

One of the key functionalities of smart homes is that they sync with your family’s smartphones. You and your spouse are the administrators, with the most control over locks, schedules, and security cameras. But everyone in the household wants to be able to sync to the home theater system, remote unlocking capabilities, and device updates. But that means mobile devices are constantly being added to your central system.

Ask your provider about system-specific cybersecurity programs that protect the system from unauthorized syncs and access. Not only do your smart home devices need protection so they only tap into authorized devices, those devices need to be enabled with security that stops anything from passing through them to your house.

Is your security footage encrypted?

Smart homes often have smart cameras for video monitoring. Whether you have primary security cameras or smart doorbells, that video is being stored and sent. Ask about the steps being taken to make sure that the data isn’t being intercepted. After all, it doesn’t just show potential break-ins. It shows your family’s schedule, habits, and faces. The files need to be protected both when they’re stored and when they’re sent to your mobile devices.

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