The Importance of Whole Home Surge Protection

man pressing surge strip protector button

A power surge can happen anytime, and in the blink of an eye, a single surge can send a current throughout your home that can damage, or even destroy, your sensitive electronic devices. These days we rely on sophisticated technology in our daily lives more than ever, which means that a power surge can be more devastating than ever before causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the electronics in your home. This makes it critical that you consider investing in whole home surge protection for your house. Here are just a few of the benefits that whole home surge protection provides.

Layered Protection

With whole home surge protection, your home will have layers of protection. Not only is it important that you have a primary meter-based surge suppressor installed that will prevent external power surges from entering your home in the first place, but also, whole home surge protection relies on a network of secondary outlet surge protectors within a home. These secondary internal surge protectors help to protect your devices from internal power surges that can occur when major appliances, such as your air conditioner or dryer, power on. Nearly 80% of power surges are generated within a home, and these surges can damage and degrade your devices over time. Internal surge protectors then add another layer of protection to a home.

Protect Your Home’s Electrical Systems

With the majority of power surges originating within a home, you may then wonder whether an external meter-based surge suppressor is necessary. While less frequent than internal surges, external power surges are still common, particularly during storms. These power surges tend to be much more powerful than internal surges and can cause damage to your home’s entire electrical system as well as your devices. With an external surge protector, your home will be shielded from these powerful surges.

As electronics become a bigger part of our everyday lives, investing in surge protection will become a vital step for homeowners to take in order to protect their home from thousands of dollars worth of damage that power surges can cause. Contact us to learn more about how surge protection works, and why it is so important to invest in surge protection for your home.