What You Need to Know About Monitoring

neighbor looking through blinds to monitor crime

There are a lot of misconceptions and assumptions about how home security systems work. That can mean many residents and homeowners are not using their systems to the fullest advantage. If you want to get the most out of your home security system, then understanding monitoring is a great place to start.

What if No One Hears?

Many people assume that a home security system will automatically alert the authorities if there is a fire, break-in, or other events. It does not– at least it does not happen without professional monitoring. Without professional monitoring, a home security system is simply an alarm system that relies on nearby hearers to react and call the authorities. This, of course, has many problems, including:

  • Occupants may be home but unable to call the police
  • Other people hear the alarm but assume the police are already on the way
  • People hear and dismiss the alarm, much like we do when car alarms go off
  • Nobody is around to hear the alarm
  • There is an increased delay in emergency response
  • The event has already escalated by the time anyone knows about it

Monitoring Initiates the Action Behind Alarm Systems

Simply put, alarm monitoring makes your home security system proactive rather than reactive with sophisticated tools that alert staff to any event or abnormalities such as unauthorized entry attempts, rising and falling temperatures, fire, and more.

Once alerted, the staff immediately notifies the proper authorities and the homeowner. A monitored home security system is not dependent on residents being home or neighbors hearing an alarm before help is initiated. Someone is always at the ready the moment your system detects a problem. Because of this, monitored security systems are a huge crime deterrent.

Monitored Home Security is a Whole-Home Security Solution

Thanks to the swift advancement of security and monitoring technologies, there is an incredible suite of products available to protect many facets of your home beyond fire and break-ins. Temperature monitoring, carbon monoxide detection, motion sensors, angled image sensors, video monitoring, and remote viewing and control capabilities make your home security system a home and life management system as well.

Even better, you can gain access to these systems and the information they provide from anywhere, anytime via a smart device such as your smartphone. By using video surveillance, video doorbells, motion detection, temperature monitoring, and other detection and monitoring technologies, you can access your system from your computer or smartphone to:

  • Know when children and teens get home
  • Know when someone leaves
  • Monitor sick or elderly family members
  • Control temperature settings to reduce energy consumption
  • Ensure elderly family members, pets, or others home alone do not overheat or become too cold
  • Prevent wandering in vulnerable adults or children
  • Monitor activity when you are away
  • Get immediate notification at the first signs of trouble
  •  And more

Trust the Best

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