What Conditions Can You Monitor on the Inside of Your Home?

door opened into a living room

Modern security systems offer a lot of features that can keep you better informed about the activity inside your home without being invasive. Instead of using a system entirely based on surveillance, consider using a more passive array of sensors to strike a comfortable balance between security and privacy.

Add Detectors For Areas Where No One Should Be

Keep the contents of specific drawers safe with sensors that alert whenever a door is opened or a keypad is accessed. These sensors can be used to protect medicine cabinets, areas where you keep cash in the house, and liquor cabinets. They provide passive defense for areas where people in your house can access but only with good reason. They can also provide an additional layer of defense to your gun safe. No matter how well you conceal a key code or a combination, it’s hard to keep secrets in a house; know if someone’s accessing it, especially without your permission or when you’re out of the house.

Monitor Safety Instead of Just Security

Sensors can do more than let you know if people are where they shouldn’t be; they can also let you know about potentially unsafe conditions. If someone left a garage door or a back door open, you can find out in that in-between stage of ‘it was left open on accident’ and ‘it was open so long someone may have come inside.’ Not only does this feature keep your home safer, it helps you catch bad habits before they form.

Interactive security can be whatever you want or need it be to. Contact us to get started customizing the security systems in your home.