Use Lawn Maintenance To Improve Home Security

a secure home on a beautiful lawn

If there is any drawback to this time of year, it is that homes are at a higher risk of being burglarized. The warm air, the fresh air, and the neighborhood activities can often result in people becoming negligent when it comes to home security. Many people will intentionally or unintentionally leave the doors unlocked and their blinds open, especially if they only plan to take a quick trip to the local store.

Open Windows Present Open Opportunities

Many people open their windows during this time of the year, and they want to leave them open for a significant period. When people want to spend more time outdoors, they are not always careful about closing their windows or locking their doors.

Is Your Lawn Affecting Your Home Security?

If grass and shrubs are growing significantly with no lawn maintenance, this can signal to a burglar that the homeowner is not as attentive as other homeowners in the neighborhood. A burglar will be more tempted to break into a home that has poor lawn maintenance.

If you want to avoid an uninvited guest this summer, we encourage you to be aware of your lawn and the other surrounding factors. If you have a hedgerow, it is important to take the proper steps to trim them down as soon as they begin to grow. If you have overgrown hedges, it will make a perfect place for a burglar to hide when you are home or away.

Do not give a burglar an accessible entryway into your home. If you have overgrown trees or broken tree limbs, this can give a burglar the boost he or she has been looking for to reach a higher floor in your home. Caring for your lawn can send a message to a would-be burglar and can prevent your home from becoming a target.

Let Us Help Protect Your Home This Summer

If you take the proper steps to take care of the inside of your home, you can do the same for the outside of your home. You can protect your family and your prized possessions from a potential break-in, along with a proper home security system.

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