Top 5 Home Security System Advantages

family of four setting on the grass in front of their home

The right place to turn to when you are looking for an effective home security system in South Carolina or the surrounding areas is ProTec Security Systems. There are some significant reasons why you should consider investing in our state-of-the-art systems:

1. Protection From Intruders

A home security system is fitted with an alarm that is designed to scare off would-be burglars. Once the alarm goes off, the local law authorities get an immediate notification and dispatch police to stop a potential or active break-in. This is particularly useful if you have high-value items in your home.

2. Protection From Fires and CO Poisoning

Fires can break out at any time and cause irreparable damage to your property. Our home security systems come with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are meant to provide an early warning in case of a fire outbreak or carbon monoxide leaks.

3. Insurance Discounts

Almost all major homeowner insurance providers offer amazing discounts to their clients who have home security systems installed. You can get a discount of about 10% to 20% depending on your home size, location or mode of payment.

4. Increase Home Resale Value

Home security is one of the most important factors that many homebuyers put into consideration before deciding to make a purchase. This explains why homes equipped with security systems are relatively expensive in the housing market.

5. Medical Assistance

Home security systems are equipped with medical alert solutions that are useful in medical emergencies. When activated by a sick or ailing person, the necklace or wristband will alert the relevant healthcare team or authorities to provide the necessary assistance. This feature is vital for families with elderly parents or special needs individuals.

Whether you rent or own a home, you can enjoy these and other numerous benefits of installing our home security system. Contact us today and let us help you choose the best option for your cherished property.