Tips For Your Home Safe

home safe with door open revealing money and jewelry

The purpose of using a password is to restrict who has access to it. It’s why you have a password on your computer, email account, online banking account, and to open your smartphone. Your password needs to be unique, and you need to keep it private, because the more people who know what it is, the less secure all the information you’re trying to keep under wraps will be.

It’s bad enough when it’s the stack of performance reviews you need to handle when you’re at the office… but what if the thing you were trying to keep safe was a gun at home? Or that jewelry you inherited If you have a password-locked safe, then the answer to these questions are critical.

Easy For You (But No One Else)

The purpose of a safe is, quite simply, to make sure that people other than you don’t have easy access to your stuff. Whether that means children who might find your guns by accident or burglars who might steal your valuables and hock them for cash, as long as your possessions are under lock and key you don’t have to worry about what might happen.

Unless you put the key under the welcome mat, metaphorically speaking.

If you write your password on a sticky note on the back of your safe, for example, then all you’ve done is made whoever wants to get into your safe one step closer to gaining access. And if you use the same password for your safe as you do for your phone, then anyone who knows the latter password might be able to guess the former (your kids, your spouse, friends).

The first thing you learn in a handgun safety course is to always treat a gun as if it’s loaded until you’ve checked. The first thing you should ask when assigning your safe a password is, “How safe will this really keep my stuff?” Because if you treat your password like an afterthought, then your safe may not be anything of the sort.

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