The Top Tech Requirements You Should Look for in Smart Home Security

home security network showing clouds with locks inside

Smart security systems are bringing more and more features to the table. You can watch your front stoop through doorbells. You can search your recorded footage for specific actions instead of having to watch a whole night’s worth of video. You can even teach your system to let you know if the front door is unlocked. But underneath all of these front-facing features, you need a functional infrastructure. Check your preferred systems for these two things before making a final purchase:

Does it offer dual path monitoring?

If your home security system can reach you through your phone, that’s a great mix of security and convenience. But is it using your home’s IP or is it using a cellular network to reach your smartphone? You need systems that can provide both IP communication and cellular paths as their default settings, rather than cellular monitoring only. This requirement isn’t just about where the signal can reach you: you can program any system to send you a text or an email alert. What dual path monitoring gives you is a stronger guarantee the signal will reach you at all.

Where does your video go?

Even though local storage can hold more and more information, video files are bigger than ever. Whether they capture increased visual detail, have more sound, or are just bulky because they no longer have to be efficient, video files can eat through hard drive space in weeks. So look into where that video gets stored. Every system should give you as many options as possible between local storage, cloud storage, and direct connection to a bigger hard drive or server that you control. Security systems are supposed to protect you when things go wrong, so make sure there’s a plan for when something goes wrong with file storage.

Whether you know the exact features you want in your security system, or you want to see what different systems have to offer, let our home security system professionals help you find the best fit for your house and get it installed.