The Importance of a Monitored Home Security System

home security representative monitoring a home

You have probably heard that the mere presence of a home security system can prevent a crime. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If a would-be criminal is casing houses here in Greenville, they are more likely to pick a home without an alarm. And, if they kick open a door and they hear a siren blaring, they may be scared off.

But what if they still choose you and your home to victimize?

What if the siren doesn’t chase them away?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that help is on the way?

Monitoring and Securing Your Home

That’s the purpose of using a monitored home security system: To ensure that someone is watching and is ready to call the police when you cannot. When your home is secured by ProTec Security Systems, we are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When your alarm goes off, we will call you to make sure you are all right. If we can’t reach you, or if you tell us you need help, we will dispatch the police to your home immediately.

If you are not at home, our dispatch process will limit the amount of time an intruder has to burglarize you. It also increases the chances the perpetrator is caught, and your belongings are recovered. If the worst happens and you or a loved one are at home when the break-in occurs, you will at least know that the police are on the way.

If your home security system is not professionally monitored, it is just making noise. Here in Greenville, SC, we have a crime rate that is 77% higher than the rest of the nation. That is why ProTec Security Systems is so dedicated to protecting our neighbors. We don’t just give you the newest and best advances in alarm technology; we have a team of highly trained professionals standing by for when you need us most. If you have questions about how we can help keep you and your home safer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.