The Best Interactive Security Service and Solution in South Carolina

woman securing her home using her phone

A security system needs to be pocket-friendly and provide rich security and automation functionality. We have partnered with, which offers you empower™ a high-complexity home security system that gives you remote control over critical functions at your entire residence.

The emPower is a single platform from which to connect other devices. With almost two decades of specialized industry experience combined among our experts, the ProTec Security team precisely understands the Greenville client needs.

Advantages of ProTec’s Interactive Security Services

Trusted security provider has 20 years’ worth of industry-leading and pioneering experience; our partner has been developing smarter solutions that protect millions of homes and businesses, including our own. We are different. We deliver high-quality hardware and supporting software components to our customers to build a well-known brand. Dozens of Fortune-500 listed corporations use our alarm systems to Control, Monitor, and Protect.

Innovative and automation

The team at ProTec is very professional. We strive to bring the latest technologies to security tools and services. The creative emPower platform allows you to have fine controls, such as locking your doors from your office remotely from work or at the gym. Additionally, it allows you to set your interior to the right temperature, which can be automatic, forming part of your daily morning routine. Our alarm system is more than just a security system.

Create custom flows and smart schedule conditions, e.g., automatic light schedules that can deter intruders, fit your lifestyle, and bring productivity to your repetitive tasks.

Remote connectivity and monitoring

Our interactive security services include a real-time smart app, text message, and email notifications responding to any network activity. This means you are always aware of your property’s condition; fine details include a thermostat or lock setting has changed or there is a spike in energy consumption.

Custom-tailored solutions

A significant advantage is that our security services are customized specifically for your home’s location; residents of South Carolina enjoy having local and community members as staff of ProTec’s Interactive Security Services. The service is made for the community by the community.

Our experts live with you; they care about your home and business as much as you do. We provide 24/7 video monitoring and rapid response to suspected burglary, fire accidents, and carbon monoxide(gas) cases.

Secure Your Property Today

We’ve kept Greenville, Spartanburg, Greer, and the surrounding communities safe from crime since 1994, and now with our new interactive services, our reliability, redundancy, security, and efficiency have increased enormously. Are you thinking of installing that home or business security system for your family, warehouse, or corporate location? Join us, the trusted name in Greenville and South Carolina, today. Contact us to get your properties secure with our home security and connectivity products.